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Dvit HP is a protein powder with high protein and it is a dietary supplement, which is also referred to as health supplements; include herbal products, vitamins, and minerals. This health supplement helps patients undergoing chemotherapy. And it helps in growth and development by increasing metabolism. You can also use it as protein shake for high protein intake.

Benefits of Dvit HP:

  • Dvit HP is specially designed enteral nutritional formula for critically ill patients.
  • Dvit HP is calorically dense with minimal fluid intake.
  • Dvit HP has high protein with Choline, Taurine, L Carnitine and Inositol.
  • Dvit HP has whey protein concentrate as the source of protein which has a high biological value and therefore better absorbed
  • Dvit HP is sucrose free and is fructose based – Fructose has a very low glycemic index of 19 ± 2, compared with 100 for glucose and 68 ± 5 for sucrose which makes it safe for diabetics as most of the renal-compromised patients are diabetics.
  • Dvit HP is free from lactose, gluten and cholestrol.
  • Dvit HP contains MUFA.
  • Dvit HP is ideal for oral and tube feed.