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D-biotic contains pre and probiotics with Zinc.

Probiotics are the bacteria that helps keep the normal balance of organism (Micro flora) in the intestine. The normal human digestive track contains 400 types of probiotic bacteria that reduce the growth of harmful bacteria.
Prebiotics are the special form of dietary fiber which is not affected by the heat, cold, acid or time. Prebiotics nourishing the probiotics (good bacteria) and helpful for the several chronic disease or inflammatory bowel diseases.

D-biotic provides the pre and probiotics both which replace the old micro flora from the intestine and reduce the intestinal disease with the healthy and new probiotic cells and prebiotics provide the nourishing to probiotics and helpful to reduce the inflammatory bowel disease.


  • To prevent Diarrhea
  • To prevent Gas and Cramping caused by antibiotics
  • Help prevent infection in digestive track
  • Helps control immune response (inflammation), as in Inflammatory Bowel disease
  • Beneficial in colon cancer, skin infection, and Irritable Bowel disease.
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