Elpis is a Fertility Sciences Division, of our flagship company, DIVIT NUTRACEUTICALS.
Elpis Division is dedicated primarily to help and create “HOPE” among childless
couples to raise babies of their own with evidence based, nutraceuticals, unique formulations.
Elpis is named after ancient Greek goddess which is literally the goddess of hope.

Nutraceuticals & Infertility


Nutraceutical is a broad term describing foods, food ingredients, and dietary supplements that provide specific health or medical benefits, in addition to the basic nutritional value found in the food.

  • The use of nutraceuticals is increasing dramatically for reproductive disorders because there is growing evidence of clinical benefits. They are becoming more popular when traditional therapies of reproductive disorders have not been very effective due to many underlying conditions, nutritional deficiencies, and the responsiveness of traditional therapy.
  • Many medically important nutraceuticals including nutritional supplements, vitamins, and antioxidants have been shown to improve reproductive performance and to be effective in treating reproductive senescence of aging and infertility in humans.
  • Couple infertility commonly results from the synergistic negative influence of several factors. External factors, related to life-style and environmental exposure, reinforce the effects of congenital or acquired damage through direct toxicity, hormone disruption and overload of reactive oxygen species. Combating obesity, correcting inappropriate diet, and banning the abuse of tobacco and alcohol are part of the integrated approach of the infertile couple.
  • Nutraceuticals are judiciously formulated food supplements containing particular vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and plant extracts. There is strong evidence that complementary treatment with an appropriate nutraceutical improves the natural conception rate of infertile couples and increases the success rate of assisted reproductive techniques.
  • Food and drug supplements (FDS) are extensively used by infertile couples either to supplement medical infertility treatment and assisted conception or as a means to independently improve conception rates. The majority of FDS are composed of antioxidants that are used for male and female infertility. We do concur that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.