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Dvit L is a multivitamin and multi mineral capsule with Lycopene and beta-carotene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. Dvit –L protects the cells from free radical damage.

Beta-Carotene has been used to treat various disorders such as erythropoietic protoporphyria. It has also been used to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women before menopause, and the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Beta carotene also has an antioxidant activity and also converted to vitamin A, which is an essential element of the body.

The benefits of Dvit-L are as follows:

  • L-lysine-Essential Amino Acid for making Protines
  • Lycopene : Excellent Antioxidant(free Radicals Scavenger)
  • Multivitamins-Improves Dietary imbalance - Meet Up Nutritional Needs
  • Minerals-required for Healthy Functioning of Every System of Body
  • Vital for fetal growth
  • Simulates bone formation, bone mineralization & preserves bone mass
  • B-complex Factors- Essential for Metabolism


  • Elderly Patients
  • General Debility
  • Hyper Cholesterolemia
  • Convalescence
  • Antibiotic Therapy
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