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Points to Consider when Purchasing Protein Powder for Diabetes

Sep 22 2016

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then based on your doctor recommendation you should either go to a certified dietitian or a nutritionist. They will help you to understand about the foods you should eat and will also help in preparing your diet plan.


Your whole body is unique and responds in a different way to food choices. Your dietitian will explain you about your different body requirements that you can fulfill by your diet plan.


One of the areas you may need help with is supplements. There are varieties of supplements available in the market, but you should be careful while selecting the diabetic protein powder.


Diabetic protein powder is going to quickly help you in getting more protein without taking in sugar. It has immune boosting benefits as well, which helps in enhancing your health in the process.


That being said, not all protein is created equally. Let’s take a quick look at the top points to make sure you select the right protein powder for yourself.


    1. The Fat and Carb Counts. First, take a look at how much fat and carbs are present in your protein powder. Ideally you want to find a protein powder which contains as few of both as possible. This way, you are getting almost 100% pure protein and are not taking in excess carbohydrates and calories.
    2. The Type of Protein. You need to think about the type of protein powder you’re looking to consume and make sure that the one you buy matches your needs.Whey protein powder is ideal to use before and after your exercise routine. The casein protein powder is the slowest digesting protein powder.Choose your variety wisely.
    3. The Additives. Also take into account any additives used in producing the product. How much sweetener is in it? Does it contain any other ingredients or chemicals? One look at the ingredient list should tell you what you need to know in this regard.
    4. The Allergens. You also need to think about whether you have any specific allergies. For instance, some people can’t digest lactose, so you’ll need to find a lactose-free product. Likewise, if you struggle with gluten, you need to make sure yours is gluten-free as well.You should know about your body, what it will tolerate the best and then choose your protein accordingly.
    5. The Mixability. Finally, you would also want to read reviews on the mixability of the protein powder. If you plan to shake and go, you’ll want that protein powder which can mix easily in a shaker cup.


Although managing your disease can be very challenging, diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your blood sugar levels and your weight. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.